1955 Newspaper

1955 newspaper article

1955 newspaper article

The 1956 Abernethy Highland Games were in doubt due to poor finances. This is a transcript of the newspaper article:-

Nethybridge (sic) Games WILL Go On Next Year


“In spite of rumours to the contrary Nethy Bridge (sic) will have its ‘Games’ in 1956
This assurance was given to the annual general meeting of Abernethy Highland Games Association in the Community Centre by Mr R McGilvray, president.

A representative gathering was welcomed by Mr McGilvray who said it was especially gratifying to see so many new faces this year as the Games had struck a bad patch and the Association were finding it difficult to raise funds.

“You can rest assured” he said, “that in spite of rumours to the contrary, Nethy Bridge will have its games in 1956.”

After that he continued some other decision would perhaps be reached. The “Games” committee tried to raise £200 annually by various functions but last year they felt it unfair to make this demand on the public and they had raised little or nothing. As a result the bank balance at the end of the financial year was perilously near rock bottom – but with hard work on the part of the committee and support from the public they would endeavour to raise the required amount before next August.

A Financial Fiasco

The financial statement showed that the bank balance was in the region of £44, but as the resresult of a recent dance, which could only be deemed a financial fiasco, this would be diminished by almost £20.
Discussing last year’s games, Mr McGilvray said they had been well attended and appreciated and the weather had been kind – but still there had not been a record attendance. He felt taht advertising and transport needed more attention to draw the crowds. Advertising more in the home districts he felt might help greatly. Up to the present advertising on a large scale in the Southern areas had been to draw competitors but the games had already attracted the cream of athletes, pipers and dancers, and what was needed now was spectators. He felt that there was a certain lack of interest and that some attraction was needed.

Under Committee’s Control

In view of the large sum – approximately £90 – which went on the pie band contest Mr McGilvray proposed spending  this money on hiring bands who would be under the control of the committee to play and mass as they directed.
In former years the bands had been under the jurisdiction of the S.P.B.A. who laid down when and if, they could play en-masse. This, he thought might be a greater attraction.
Another proposal was to extend the boundary area to include a neighbouring field and to allocate this field to sideshows. Admission to this was through the main gates only.
Other suggestions were wrestling, reviving the tug-o-war and more local novelty events such as tilt the bucket, greasy pole, obstacle race etc.

Boundary Extension

One important proposal, which would ease the forming of the committee each year, was to extend the boundary of the Association and perhaps include Boat of Garten and Dulnain Bridge. Representatives of these villages could attend the meetings and give their moral support and new ideas. These could also be used as contacts for publicity.
Regarding the car park, it was felt that this was not being used sufficiently and that ‘no parking’ notices should be erected along the roads in the village.

New Members

New members elected to the committee were Mr W Ibbertson, Mrs Mearns, and Mr J F George. Mr McGilvray thanked the retiring members, the secretary, the treasurer for all their work and closed the meeting by saying “We have raised the money we needed before and will do it again and the ‘Games’ will go on”