Nethy Bridge Tourist Association

Known by the acronym NBTA the Nethy Bridge Tourist Association has been attracting visitors to the village for many years.

First website

second village website

second village website

Nethy Bridge was the first village in the area to join the 21st century by investing time and effort into creating a community website for the village – the fore-runner of this site which you are now reading. Since then it has been re-built twice.
The website is now run by representatives from the groups in the village.

Spring Gathering

For many years the NBTA ran 3 ‘Scots Nights’ through the summer. This has now been replaced by the very popular Spring Gathering where the whole village is invited to gather on the Games Field and show-off what they do. This may be arts and crafts, groups may advertise for new members and others will just attend the event to publicise what they do or to try to boost their funds.