Badanfhuarain was first settled by the Macdonalds from Lochaber and is on the 19th century traditional travellers' camping ground used when they were taking their horses from Lochaber to the 'Wool Fair' in Inverness. The original cottage by the Caochan Fuaran burn was lived in for thirty five years and extended by the McGillivrays, master builders and joiners. On still summer evenings Mrs McGillivray could be heard from the houses in the village calling to her goat, Nessie' to come for milking. The McGillivray family have frequently visited their old family home on the Sunday after the Nethy Games and been welcomed by David & Valery Dean who have lived there since 1974. Badanfhuarain House was designed by John Fleming of The Dell of Abernethy who grew up in the village as a son of the Manse on behalf of his daughter Valery and her husband, David Dean in 1977/8. It was the first timber framed house erected by the Grantown firm, A.W. Laing; the mason was Bill Lawson, also of Grantown with his brothers Ernest and Gregor. The Tomintoul slate on the front roof was laid by Jimmy Smith and his son Ronnie of Tomintoul. John Fleming himself laid all plumbing and installed the electrics with his wife and daughter. David saw to the painting and landscaping with the help of, amongst many others, Bert More on the digger. The three acres in which Badanfhuarain now stands also is home to Badanfhuarain Cottage linkto:[[Forest Cottage website]] linkto:[[The Lazy Duck Hostel website]]