Broomhill Bridge

Construction date

1863 - original bridge 1894 - bridge rebuilt

Location/map ref

Broomhill Bridge Spanning the River Spey, about 1 mile North of Nethy Bridge, just next to the A95.


Original bridge built to transport timber from the Grant Estate at Abernethy over the Spey to the Highland Railway line nearby. The Earl of Seafield provided considerable financial support for building the bridge. When the river is low, the remains of the supports of this bridge are said to be visible immediately downstream from the current bridge. The distances between these supports suggest that the size of the timber rafts floated down the Spey by the York Buildings Company (18th Century) were at most 30ft wide. The rebuilt bridge was opened by the Countess Dowager of Seafield. A plaque dating from this time names those present and is located on one of the stone uprights at the Nethy end of the bridge. 1987 - partially reconstructed, maintaining original appearance, by I.R.Phillips (Contractor) for the Highland Council.


Listed structure, category A Described as 'The finest wooden bridge surviving in Scotland' by Mr John Hume

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