Clan Fishing Rods

The company, founded in 1870 in Callander Perthshire is owned and run by Master Rod Builder Harry Jamieson. Clan Fishing Rods is situated 7 minutes from the River Spey. Every aspect of the handcrafted fishing rods exudes quality. The power of the rods is matched by the build and long life. The company hand makes rods in the finest modern and traditional materials. Rods made from split-cane and Greenheart hardwood sit alongside the space age High Modulus Graphite ones. Turning these materials into the finest Salmon and Trout fly rods is a special skill combining the master craftsman and the skilled fisherman. This is why the ghillies, the famous and discerning fishermen from around the world come to Clan Fishing Rods. They get a sense of pride and affection in owning an individual hand crafted Scottish made rod.