Delbog was once occupied by the Cameron's. Alec Morley's (the present owner)grandfather; Donald Bell (farmer at the knock of kincardine), married Margaret Cameron from Delbog. James Macfarlane their son died when he was twenty seven. He was a farmer at Delbog. Alex Morley was born in Pategonia, he came with his two brothers to Tulloch for school at seven years of age. Alex and his two brothers stayed there with their granny and Isa Macfarlane (Alec's Aunt). The house is owned by Alex Morley


Farm house, now a ruin.

Built by

Donald Bell

Construction date

Built around 1900. Building before then was stone with a thatched roof.

Location/map ref

Delbog is in Tulloch NH961153 Delbog and farm steading.


Students used to rent the house and travel up from University to stay. The house burned down in the early 1950's after one student cleared ashes from the fire into a cardboard box and then left to return home. There are several locations in tulloch with the remains of illicit stills. This one is located close to the Craigowrie Burn. Once called the Ault Gowrie Burn. There are several sites at the farm at Delbog of archaeological interest. Archaeological sites This may be a pictish grave. There are several stone structures next to each other; below Craiggowrie. The entrance of the 'pictish' grave. Remains of a communal dwelling. During a visit by the Explore Abernethy ranger to Delbog Alec Morley pointed out piles of stones that lay in fields. Women often worked on farms and gathered stones from the fields as they worked. They stones were left in piles by the edges of the field.

Other references

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