Dell of Abernethy


"The original part of the building was a cotter-house (a 'but and ben' - now West Dell wing) built around the 17th century. It was thatched, as thatch was found in the eves during recent renovations. The fire-places were added at a later stage in its history along with 'pit-sawn' roof timbers and tie-beams which are still there and can be seen in the living-room. The rest of the building was then built (apart from a wing at the rear which came later) also around 17c. Early history is unclear but until 1970, it was owned by the Seafield estate. " "The Holt family later used it as a shooting lodge, which is why it is named as 'Dell Lodge' on Ordnance Survey maps. From the 1930s to 1965 it was lived in by the Miller family and used as a boarding house.In 1970 it was bought by Mr and Mrs Fleming and reverted back to its original name 'Dell of Abernethy'. Wings of the house were then converted to provide 4 self-contained cottages for holiday accommodation" "In the early 19th century it was lived in by the head forester for the estate, Mr Forsyth, who planted the trees that now stand in the grounds. His son William Forsyth mentions his early childhood at Dell of Abernethy in his book 'In the shadow of Cairngorm' chapter 30 and his experiences of water running down the passage during the flood of 1829." "