Drill Hall


War Department


Meeting hall for Army personnel during World War One and Two. Village concerts and dances. Demolished afte

Built by

War Department (Ministry of Defence)

Construction date

Built by 1896.

Location/map ref

Next to the current Nethy bridge.


Drill Sergeant's house (Caberfiedh) located next door (owned by War Dept). The Drill Hall was demolished after WW2 and replaced by the 'Institute' (now Nethy Bridge Village Hall). The entrance step was recovered from Tulloch during the 1990s and became part of a commemorative seat, sited at the location of the Drill Hall. The seat now bears plaques with the following inscriptions - 'In proud memory of every man of Nethy Bridge and District who trod on this threshold step of the village hall when he enlisted in the forces 1914 - 1918' 'This seat of which the large stone was the doorstep of the Drill Hall which stood on this site, was a gift to the people of Nethy Bridge from Badenoch and Strathspey District Council on its demise in April 1996.'

Other references

M. O'Reilly Explore Abernethy Visitor Centre linkto:http://www.exploreabernethy.co.uk[[Explore Abernethy website]] McCook, A (1994, 2004) Local resident

The Nethy Bridge Drill Hall, seen from a little way up Dell Road. The site of the Nethy Bridge Institute (now the Community Centre ) is on the left of the picture and the Nethy bridge is on the right Photograph courtesy of Alastair McCook