Heath Cottage


Originally Lot 4 Seafield Place. Was feued to James Grant in 1860. Feued by the Countess of Seafield to Mrs Agnes Annabella Campbell Black as of Whitsunday 1958. Mrs Agnes Campbell Black (of Laintachan Farm) acquired the Right of Settlement(lease) to the property in May 1946 from Mrs Jane Stewart Black (she moved from Heath Cottage to Clachaig). Lease granted in January 1906 to Thomas MacDonald junior. Blacksmith. Lease then nested in Mrs Jane Stewart Black (from Paul Culliford - extracted from Fue of 1958). Some time after this the name was changed to Selmat Datang but reverted to Heath Cottage when purchased by Paul and Susan Culliford in ??? linkhistory:250[[See also Salamat Datang]]

Construction date

Built before 1913.

Location/map ref

Dell Road.

Other references

Dr Jean Munro & Elizabeth Fleming (2008)