Memories as a child by M Toy

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On the second or third of December 1939 my sister and I were evacuated to Nethy Bridge There were many of us and I think we were all from Edinburgh I was five years of age and one of the youngest children to be evacuated without a parent I cannot remember much but we lived in a home named "Ardaven" which was owned by a Mr and Mrs Cook My sister's named Avril and I am named Margaret our last name was Robertson I do remember the village Post Office and a stone bridge I also remember a large amount of black-market sugar being spilled on the Post Office floor! There was a large mill wheel by a stream where fishermen fished for salmon The people of Nethy Bridge, who had their homes requisitioned and willingly helped in the War Effort, should be commended and remembered for their generosity My sister has happy memories of Nethy Bridge, she was twelve years old and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings My memories are not as clear nor happy for I was young and homesick To-day I live near San Diego California with my family I came here in 1959, however my sister still lives in Lenzie, Scotland and I believe my niece and her husband, who is a doctor in Inverness, live in Nairn M Toy