Mr Heidelbaur – Canadian Forestry Corps

Comment from Doug Hidlebaugh – Sunday, October 22, 2006 – website guestbook

My Mum was originally from Nethy Bridge. Her name is Alexina (Nene) Hidlebaugh (nee Wood). My Dad was stationed at Nethy Bridge with the Canadian Forestry Corps. They were married March 17, 1945 and my mum and my eldest sister, Shirley, left for Canada in May 1946. In your website under the history for the Canadian Forestry Corps, you reference a sprinter as a Mr. Heidelbaur. We believe this is actually my father Mr. Arthur Hidlebaugh, as he received many medals for track and field sprinting during the war years. It brought a tear to his eye to see reference to him on your website. He is 91 years old. My Mum still has sisters in Scotland, Allison Harrold in Nethy Bridge, Betty (Wood) Clark and Bunty Benisch in Nairn.