Nethy House


Grampa Smith, Mom & Anthony, my oldest brother Photo kindly provided by Winnie Boutet, Canada Mom's brother Gordon, far right Photo kindly provided by Winnie Boutet, Canada Mom & Dad (Jessie & Anthony) Deane, Mom's sister Madge & her daughter Ruby. Photo kindly provided by Winnie Boutet, Canada


Some of the original building dates far back into the 18th century and was holiday rooms as early as the turn of the 20th century. It was also a Post Office, prior to 1928 and then converted into staff accommodation for the Nethy Bridge Hotel. Richard and Patricia Eccles bought it in 1982 and opened it as a bunkhouse in Jan 1983. After 33 years and up to 10,000 annual bednights, they sold it to Heidi and Peter Charlton in January 2016. We are looking forward to the new phase in this old property's life.

Construction date

1700s. By 1865 it was as it was in 1983 when converted to a bunkhouse with a new section added at the back.

Location/map ref

Centre of village


Unknown - possibly 18th century - four sections to building - final addition added 1994.

Other references

Dr Jean Munro & Elizabeth Fleming (2008)

Early owners:

  • Deane Family
  • Nethy Bridge Hotel
  • Richard and Patricia Eccles

The following entry provided by the previous owners’ the Deane family – added 6th August 2002:

I, Anita (Deane) Abdullah, am the eldest daughter of James Gordon Deane, and Nethy House was owned by my grandmother Jessie’s father. My father, the late James Gordon Deane, born on March 18, 1922 (deceased June 4, 2002) in Nethy House of Jessie Elizabeth (Smith) and Anthony David Deane, was the second eldest of 4 sons borne by Jessie and Anthony before they emigrated to Canada in 1928.

Their children were:

  • Anthony Jr.; lost during W. W. II and now lies in a Canadian Armed Services cemetery in Kleve, Germany.
  • My father James, whose second name, Gordon given in honour of Jessie’s brother Gordon Smith, who, we were told, was deaf.
  • George.
  • Bartholomew who passed away in 1999 and most recently, my father.
  • A daughter, and cherished .little sister to the boys, Winifred, was born in Canada. George and Winifred are my father’s the only surviving siblings.

My grandfather passed away in 1963 with grandmother Jessie surviving him approximately 15 years.

In the years prior to their emigration, Jessie ran a paper shop and post office from a little store front on the ground floor of Nethy House.

Many of the rooms were let to boarders; in the summer tourist months, the boys had to give up their rooms for additional rentals. There was formerly a small building to the rear of Nethy House which my father described as a large shed where the boys slept……or should I say, were expected to sleep but their exuberance and mischievous ways often led to my grandfather having to mete out serious “punishments” to settle them down so the remainder of the household could get some rest!!


View from the bridge towards Grantown. Visible on the left are Nethy House,on the immediate right, linkhistory:XXX[[Tigh na Drochaid]], and further down the road on the right, the linkhistory:xxx[[Nethy Bridge Hotel]]. (photograph courtesy of Alastair McCooK