Prisoner of war camps


German soldiers were remembered by some locals as being 'blonde and very handsome'. They were often put to work in the sawmills for the war effort, with only a minimal guard - an existence that was regarded as being relatively peaceful. Italian POWS from WW2 worked in the Dell Tree Nursery. The role of the CFC camp as a POW camp was brief as the Canadian soldiers, being Army, were soon called to fight during the D Day landings.


Detention of enemy soldiers and Canadian Forestry camp.

Built by

British Army, Canadian Forestry Corps

Location/map ref

Where the Lettoch Road leaves the village (WW1). School Woods Canadian Forestry Corps (CFC) timber camp (WW2)


World War One, World War Two, The corrugated iron from the Lettoch POW camp was used to construct Willie Steele's sawmill shed at Culvardie (entrance to Dell Woods National Nature Reserve). linkhistory:198[[See also Willie Steele's Sawmill]

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