Telford’s Bridges

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Dr Jean Munro & Elizabeth Fleming (2008)

Bridge across The Nethy

The focus of the later village was certainly the bridge but the exact location of earlier bridges (or fords) is uncertain as the course of the river changed considerably in floods of 1768, 1799 and the great flood of 1829. The name Old Bridgend suggests that there was an earlier crossing there which would link in with what has been called the ‘Kings Road’, though no road at that location appears on early maps (Pont and Roy). A road from Grantown was made in the 1760s and a bridge built in 1770. This may have been destroyed or damaged in 1799 and in 1808/9. Thomas Telford visited and approved the present site for the bridge which was built in 1809/10. This was then damaged in the 1829 flood when the west arch fell and the road up the right bank of the Nethy was washed away. A source in 1866 says the bridge was rebuilt but it was probably only extensively repaired and the present bridge remains basically a Telford one.