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The Nethy Bridge Community Website is run by an independent group of unpaid volunteers under the umbrella organisation of the Nethy Bridge Community Centre, for the benefit of all who wish to advertise any business or any organisation in Nethy on the Nethy Bridge website.

There is an overseeing webmaster but please note that the web group is the first contact point for all businesses. Any questions please contact the Nethy Bridge web committee:

Advertisers on the Nethy Bridge Community Website

Nethy Bridge aerial picture

Nethy Bridge aerial picture

  • Do you offer accommodation?
    – Hotel;
    – B&B;
    – Self Catering;
    – Hostel & Camping;
  • Do you have a business in or around Nethy Bridge?
  • Are you part of a Group in the village?
  • Are you organising an event in the area?

Then access the world via!
For a very small annual charge you can enjoy the benefits the publicity of an entry on the village website will give you.

What will I get?

The picnic area in the centre of the village next to the River Nethy

The picnic area in the centre of the village next to the River Nethy

Accommodation providers will get an entry complete with a picture, 150 characters of text and contact details – address, telephone, email address and a web link to their own website.
If you want more text then it will carry over to another page, so even if you don’t have your own website you can have a whole web page to yourself on the Nethy Bridge Community site but note that there is another small annual fee for this – but it will still be much less than the cost of having your own website!

Random Loading of pages

There are many self catering properties in particular, but please note that all business sections load in a completely random sequence. This sequence is then locked for 20 minutes to give the person browsing the listings the chance to look through all 4 pages of self catering properties. Otherwise each page load would be random and some properties may never appear!

Community Groups in Nethy Bridge

Community Groups and clubs can have a page to publicise themselves and their events. There is the added benefit of being able to place your special event on the Nethy Bridge calendar

Under your control

You will be able to change the entry yourself as and when you please and as often as you want. You can add your pictures and change any of that as often as you want.

How do I join?

Please contact the Nethy Bridge web committee:

Accommodation providers: to display your availability online:

We suggest that you use

Calendar of Events being organised

There is a calendar for any events being organised in and around Nethy Bridge. Please email us the relevant details along with a poster if you have one and we will add it to the What’s On calendar.Even if you don’t have a poster, please send us a note if you are organising a one-off or a regular event and it will be added to the Nethy Bridge Calendar.

 Members: Please check your entry

We ask that all members check their entry frequently to ensure that everything is up to date and showing properly.
Whilst we do our very best for you all, no website can guarantee 100% uptime, so if there is a problem let us know asap and we will get it sorted just as soon as we can.

Let’s all work together for the good of all!