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Welcome to Nethy Bridge ‘The Forest Village’

Bridge At Night

The village of Nethy Bridge – often affectionately referred to simply as “Nethy” has been a holiday destination since Victorian Times

Broomhill Bridge

Bridge over The Spey, part of the boundary of the Parish of Nethy Bridge.

Historic Nethy Bridge

Nethy Bridge is in the newest and largest National Park in Scotland, The Cairngorms National Park

Beautiful Nethy

Visit the Forest Village in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park


Practical support is in place through the Nethy Bridge & Vicinity Community Council Emergency Plan.  Please CLICK HERE for the latest information or visit the Community Facebook page or Twitter account.

Nethy Bridge and Vicinity Community Council

Several weeks ago at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency I wrote asking people not to come to Nethy Bridge, to any visitors in the area to return home, I said then we would welcome you back when the time was right.

With an easing of the ‘Lockdown’ and the arrival of the school summer holidays it would appear that now is the time to welcome back our regular visitors and extend a warm welcome to visitors who are here for the first time.

We are keen to welcome you to our village but we must insist that you stick by the rules for your safety and ours viz.

  • Stick to the 2m social distancing guidance, especially in shops and buildings.
  • Step aside on footpaths to allow others to pass safely.
  • Use face masks as the regulations demand in shops and public buildings and on public transport were it is now a legal requirement.
  • Adhere to the rules as applied on Abernethy Golf Course which is now open again.

The Highlands and Nethy Bridge in particular have, thus far had comparatively few cases of Covid-19 mainly thanks to local people adhering to the instructions from both the Scottish and British Government. This has been hard fought and we do not want to find that we have a spike in cases brought in to the area and carelessly spread.

I would also ask that wherever possible you use the local shops, Nethy Bridge Stores and Balliefurth Farm Shop who have both stepped up to this disaster magnificently meaning that people in the village have not had to go further afield and thus reducing risks. The vulnerable in the village have had deliveries by volunteers from these shops throughout the emergency. The same can be said of ‘The Nethy Bridge Hotel’ and the ‘Nethy House’ cafe who have been providing food on a take-away basis throughout, please make use of all their available services.

While these local services are open and keen on your business please also be aware that a great number of holiday facilities and attractions in the area and the greater Highlands remain closed including many toilet blocks. Please build this in to your plans for ‘relief’ as we must not allow the area to be used as an open air toilet block with all the ensuing problems.

I am sorry to have to explain all the above but if we are to come through this as unscathed as we currently are it is important that the rules are adhered to and we can all enjoy the village now and into the future.

Many thanks and enjoy your holiday.

Sandy McCook,


Nethy Bridge and Vicinity Community Council


Latest updates ( as at 18th Aug   )

  • Volunteer Support Services 

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Abernethy Highland Games



Nethy Bridge Community

Welcome to Nethy Bridge

Situated in the heart of beautiful Strathspey in the Highlands of Scotland, Nethy Bridge is the perfect centre to enjoy the countryside of the glorious Scottish Highlands and we are within easy reach of all corners of the Cairngorms National Park.

Almost midway between Aviemore and Grantown-on-Spey, Nethy Bridge boasts a full range of accommodation from hotels to bed and breakfasts, self-catering establishments and hostels, and has easy access to a vast range of activities throughout the area.

Nethy Bridge & the Abernethy Forest

The village of Nethy Bridge – often affectionately referred to simply as “Nethy” has been a holiday destination since Victorian times, yet it remains unspoilt with the majority of accommodation hidden away in quiet locations next to the ancient Caledonian pine forest. Nethy has had a long and close relationship with the Abernethy Forest and as a result of this has taken on the mantle of ‘The Forest Village’

River Nethy

Flowing through the centre of the village, the River Nethy is one of the main tributaries of the famous River Spey.

Cairngorms National Park

With the dramatic backdrop of the often snow-capped Cairngorm Mountains and surrounded by hundreds of acres of the Abernethy Forest, Nethy Bridge is in the newest and largest National Park in Scotland – the Cairngorms National Park.

The Snow Roads

Nethy Bridge is 5 miles from Grantown on Spey which can be either the start or the finish of your trip along the Snow Roads. The route of which traverses the highest public road in Britain. The minor road from Nethy Bridge to Tomintoul gives amazing vistas of the Northern Cairngorms.

Thomas Telford and Nethy Bridge

Built in 1810, the bridge over the River Nethy is a classic Telford design with three arches. It’s at the heart of the village spanning the lower reaches of the River Nethy a mile before it reaches the River Spey which is one of Scotland’s foremost salmon rivers.

It’s the bridge that gave the village its name. It had to be repaired after the August 1829 Great or Muckle Flood when part of it was washed away. In all, Nethy can boast 4 Thomas Telford’s bridges – the main one over the River Nethy, one is over the Duack Burn, another over the Aultmore Burn and the fourth is on the golf course.

Rare and unusual Wildlife

The forests around Nethy are full of interesting wildlife from Red Squirrels, Crested Tits, Crossbills and Capercaillie, to the rarely spotted Pine Martens and even rarer Wild Cat. There are also rare flowers like the sweet-scented Twinflower and a tiny orchid called Creeping Ladies Tresses.

BBC Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch 

The BBC have concluded their broadcasts of Winterwatch 2019, Springwatch 2019,  Autumnwatch 2019,  and Winterwatch 2020  from the Dell of Abernethy, Nethy Bridge   

Winterwatch 2019 included information on Speyside Fields for Wildlife:


Find Out More About Nethy Bridge

Nethy Bridge was one of the first communities in the area to establish a tourist association website. 

Nethy Bridge has a long, fascinating story to tell…

We have a vast database of the properties and people in Nethy Bridge and have listed them here in alphabetical order – this is very much a work in progress.


A thriving, lively friendly community where neighbours keep an eye on each other, greet strangers in the street, organisations that work together, and all in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


An abundance of paths (some of which are all ability), connect the past with today, and the opportunity of seeing native flora and fauna



“Often affectionately referred to simply as “Nethy” the village has, since Victorian times been a tourist destination noted for its quiet and secluded location at the edge of the Abernethy Forest. It is situated in the heart of Strathspey in the Highlands of Scotland between Aviemore and Grantown.”

The Nethy Newsletter

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Issued quarterly in February, May, August and November 


Nethy Bridge Community Centre

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