Abernethy Highland Games

Traditional Scottish Highland Games, a wonderful day out for the whole family to enjoy

Abernethy Highland Games

Traditional Scottish Highland Games, a wonderful day out for the whole family to enjoy

The Friendly Games in the Forest Village

When: 2nd Saturday in August, 10 am to 5 pm (approx)
Where: Nethy Bridge Games Field, PH25 3DA
Cost: Adult £8.00 | Child £4.00 | Family £20.00

COVID-19 Update - 15.02.2021
Cancellation of Games 14th August 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold around the world a year ago, we considered and then confirmed the cancellation of our 2020 Abernethy Highland Games.  This was a decision not taken lightly and there were those who thought it would all be passed by August.  If only we had known then that we would be in a similar position a year later, it would have been hard to contemplate.  However, that is exactly where we are.
The Committee of the Abernethy Highland Games have taken the painful decision to again cancel this year's Highland Games which should have taken place on Saturday 14th August.  We are fully aware that this will again leave a huge hole in the village calendar on what has become the busiest weekend of the village's year.  There is also the knock-on effect of the social and financial fabric of the village.
However, we have to remain focussed on the main picture and that is on overcoming Covid-19 and if missing another year of 'the games' helps in any way it is well worth it.  If everybody sticks to the rules, then the sooner we will be through this ongoing tragedy.
In the meantime, we are working on next year's games, although I remember saying this a year ago, and we hope to see you all in Nethy on Saturday 13th August 2022.
Updates will be posted when appropriate here on this community website.

Sandy McCook - Chairman, Abernethy Highland Games Association

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One of the longest established traditional Highland Games in Scotland, Abernethy Highland Games were first held in 1880. A 1910 poster shows that the Games were then held at Coulnakyle Farm to the north of the village. Following a break between the wars, they have been held every year on the present Games Field in the village since 1946. The events and competitions follow long established Highland  traditions.

Highland Games combine tests of strength, skill and endurance together with the traditional Highland  forms of music and dance. Massed Pipes and Drums, which at Abernethy usually consist of around 150 members from eight or so local bands,  add a sound and spectacle that makes for a very special experience and one that is deeply rooted in the history and culture of the Highlands.


Run entirely by volunteers from within the Nethy Bridge community, the Games receive no subsidy or major sponsorship, so depend on gate admissions and income on Games day to cover all costs. The Games Committee appreciate the many people in Nethy Bridge and the surrounding area who contribute their time and skills to make the event possible each year.  They are too numerous to mention individually but without their help, the Games could not take place.  Support from many local businesses, via sponsorship and other means is very much appreciated.

For details of the Abernethy Highland Games Association Report and Accounts follow the links below;

Report and Accounts 2020

Report and Accounts 2019

Report and Accounts 2018


The Abernethy Highland Games Association is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation ( SCIO) Registered Charity Number SC042969 ( Registered on 23rd February 2012)

The Constitution provides a ”Community Reserve’ to support by way of grant or otherwise any charity, organisation, activity or project which advances citizenship or community development within the Nethy Bridge and Vicinity Community Council area, in particular through the maintenance or improvement of the physical, social or economic infrastructure and amenity.  Applications for such support can be made at any time by contacting the Games Secretary or other Trustee.

Click on this link to see the full  constitution of the Abernethy Highland Games

Results Archive

Abernethy Highland Games

Full results for last years and previous Abernethy Highland Games can be found on our games archive page


Abernethy Highland Games Association

Abernethy Highland Games and Clan Grant Gathering are held on the playing field in the centre of Nethy Bridge on the second Saturday of August. These are one of the oldest traditional games in Scotland. Known as the “Friendly Games” they are renowned for the stirring sound and spectacle of the Massed Pipe Bands, of around 150 musicians.

A Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Registered charity number: SC 042969

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